Brands and components

Our warehouse offer a wide range of top-quality components for hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

We control and update our product portfolio to keep the right product ready and available for our customer’s needs.

Fixed and variable pumps
Valves and solenoid valves
Proportional valves and electronics
Servo-valves and control
Cylinders and systems

Proportional valves
Pneumatic valves and solenoid valves
Pneumatic cylinders
Pneumatic filters

In-Line filters
Return filters
Accumulators and safety manifolds
Measurement and analysis tools
Valves and sensors

Air-oil heat exchangers
Water-oil heat exchangers
Plate heat exchangers
Cooling groups

Low noise pumps
Screw pumps
Magnetic couplings

Flexible couplings
Flanges and fittings

Pressure gauges
Pressure and temperature transmitters
Calibration systems
Precision pressure measuring instruments

Bellhousings and couplings
Level indicators
Accessories for tanks
Spin-On filters
In-Line filters and return filters

Gear pumps
Piston pumps

Bladder accumulators
Piston accumulators
Manifolds and safety valves
Additional gas bottles

Low noise pumps
Gear pumps
Gear motors

Plate heat exchangers
Air heat exchangers
Shell and tube heat exchangers

Intertraco hoses
Bridgestone hoses
Steel-carbon and AISI fittings
Quick couplings
Assembled and certified hoses

Fittings DIN 2353
Fittings SAE J 514
Fittings RTF
Adaptors and accessories

Hydraulic oil
Biodegradable lubricants
Turbine oil
Oil for offshore activities

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